iCalendar Validation

For those interested in iCalendar validation, you should check out http://icalvalid.cloudapp.net.  It’s based on DDay.iCal, and gives a very detailed report on known problems with your iCalendar.

The validator is loosely based on Steven N. Severinghaus’ validator, but is meant to give a more detailed, in-depth validation.  The validator is also based on the feed validator from Sam Ruby, et al., and its excellent validation report.

If you work with iCalendars and need to validate their conformance to the standard (RFC 5545), check it out – then let me know what you think!


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One Response to iCalendar Validation

  1. Hi Doug,
    I just wated to say thank you for this. I’m a huge iCalendar advocate and am about to embark on a mini-project where DDay.iCal is, I’m sure, going to come in useful.

    Thanks again. This should be huge.


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